Royalty-Free (RF) Accidents Clipart Cartoons by djart

  1. Warty Witch in Black, Sitting on a Broom That is Stuck in a Bare Tree Clipart © djart #6123
  2. Injured Man Walking On Crutches with a Broken Leg Clipart Picture © djart #5909
  3. Male Insurance Agent  Accessing Damage of a Wrecked Sports Car Clipart Illustration © djart #5670
  4. Man Slipping On Water Puddle and Falling to the Ground Clipart © djart #5099
  5. Repairman Cow Slipping On a Banana Clipart © djart #4512
  6. Baker Accidentally Dropping a Pan of Baked Cinnamon Rolls On the Floor Clipart © djart #4291