Royalty-Free (RF) Health Care Clipart Cartoons by djart

  1. Clipart Illustration Image of a Nervous Male African American Patient Getting a Colonoscopy Exam © djart #16316
  2. Clipart Illustration Image of a Nervous Male Patient Lying On His Stomach With His Butt Up In The Air, Clutching The Side Of A Matress Of A Hospital Bed While A Proctologist Doctor Prepares To Insert A Machine Into The Anus For A Colonoscopy And A Nurse H © djart #16284
  3. Ill Man Lying On A Hospital Bed Near A Table Of Medicine While A Friendly Nurse Hands Him A Pill And A Glass Of Water For Treatment Clipart Graphic © djart #15140
  4. Ill Man Lying On A Hospital Bed Near A Table Of Medicine Clipart Graphic © djart #15133
  5. Woman In A Yellow Dress, Standing Outside In A Cloud And Smoking A Cigarette On Her Break Clipart Illustration © djart #14601
  6. Businessman Lifting His Arms To Shield His Face From A Rude Woman's Secondhand Smoke Who Is Smoking A Cigarette And Blowing It In His Face Clipart Illustration © djart #14596
  7. Nervous Businessman Sitting In A Chair And Reaching Out To A Female Nurse While She Prepares A Syringe To Give Him A Flu Shot In The Arm At A Medical Clinic Clipart Illustration © djart #14590
  8. Bald Senior Man Sitting in a Wheelchair Clipart Picture © djart #11140
  9. Senior Woman in a Wheelchair Clipart Picture © djart #11137
  10. Two Exhausted Nurses Napping on a Break at the Hospital Clipart © djart #10792
  11. Doctor Snowman Wearing a Stethoscope Clipart Illustration © djart #9413
  12. Medical Nurse Snow Woman Wearing a Stethoscope Clipart Illustration © djart #9404
  13. Chubby Orange Cat Walking on Crutches in a Hospital, One Leg in a Cast Clipart Picture © djart #6325
  14. Three Orange Cats With IV Dispensers, Crutches, Casts and Wheelchairs in a Hospital Clipart Picture © djart #6324
  15. Chubby Orange Cat Sitting in a Wheelchair in a Hospital Clipart Picture © djart #6323
  16. Orange Tabby Cat With an IV Dispenser in a Hospital Clipart Picture © djart #6322
  17. Obese Man with a Medical Condition that Requires the use of a Catheter and Urine Bag Clipart Picture © djart #6309
  18. Middle Aged Man on Oxygen Therapy Clipart Picture © djart #6268
  19. Sick Man with a Thermometer in His Mouth Clipart Picture © djart #6234
  20. Senior Woman Using a Walker With a Horn Attached Clipart Picture © djart #6217
  21. Male Nurse Taking a Man’s Blood Pressure Reading While a Senior Woman Walks With a Cane in the Hospital Clipart Picture © djart #6156
  22. Female Nurse Pushing a Senior Man's Wheelchair Past an Old Lady Using a Cane in the Hospital Clipart Picture © djart #6155
  23. Female Nurse Giving a Male Senior Patient in a Wheelchair a Test With a Respiratory Therapy Balloon Clipart Picture © djart #6154
  24. Female School Nurse Putting a Bandage on a Boo-Boo of a School Boy Clipart Picture © djart #6153
  25. Male Prostate Exam Patient in an Exam Room, Hiding From a Prostate Doctor Clipart Picture © djart #6152
  26. Female African American Podiatrist Doctor Inspecting Feet Clipart Picture © djart #6151
  27. Female Nurse Holding a Pill Cup and a Glass of Water For a Patient at a Hospital Clipart Picture © djart #6150
  28. Blue Syringe Filled With Blood Clipart Illustration © djart #6138
  29. Balding Fat Man Going Jogging Clipart Picture © djart #6104
  30. Scared Worker with Trypanophobia Getting a Flu Shot from a Nurse Clipart Picture © djart #5991
  31. Female Pharmacist Restocking the Shelves with Bottles of Medicine and Drugs Clipart Picture © djart #5978
  32. Medical Doctor Taking Notes While Sitting at a Desk in a Hospital Clipart Picture © djart #5956
  33. Male Doctor Sitting On His Desk While Talking Clipart Picture © djart #5952
  34. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) Treating a Patient Clipart Picture © djart #5928
  35. Examination of Eyes in an Ophthalmology Clinic Clipart Picture © djart #5926
  36. Injured Man Walking On Crutches with a Broken Leg Clipart Picture © djart #5909
  37. Male Chiropractor Practicing Procedures On a Skeleton Clipart Illustration © djart #5667
  38. Patient Getting Shot In the Butt by a Nurse with a Syringe Clipart Illustration © djart #5515
  39. Male Patient Getting Some of His Limbs Amputated by Doctors at a Hospital Clipart © djart #5190
  40. African American Male Doctor Taking an X-ray of His Patients Chest Clipart © djart #5189
  41. Obese Patient Hooked Up to Medical Machines While Running On a Treadmill and Being Cared for by Doctors & Nurses Clipart © djart #5188
  42. Male Doctor Taking Getting an X-ray of His Patients Stomach/Chest Area Clipart © djart #5187
  43. Male Doctor Looking at X-ray of Human Spine Clipart © djart #5186
  44. Heart Doctor Using a Stethoscope Clipart © djart #5122
  45. Humorous Male Doctor Giving Patient a Prostate Examination Clipart © djart #5010
  46. Nurse Cleaning Needle After Drawing Blood Samples from Male Patient Clipart © djart #4968
  47. Ethnic Male Pharmacist Filling a Prescription Bottle with Medicine Pills Clipart © djart #4967
  48. Nurse Weighing Overweight Man On a Scale Clipart © djart #4949
  49. African American Massage Therapist Massaging Caucasian Man's Back Clipart © djart #4945
  50. Blank Medicine Bottle with Pink Pills Clipart © djart #4909