Cartoons by Dennis Cox

  1. Clipart Chubby Hairy Man With A Snake Inner Tube - Royalty Free Vector Illustration © Dennis Cox #1111979
  2. Roman Soldier Toasting With a Glass of Wine and Holding a Sword Clipart Picture © Dennis Cox #11248
  3. Old Cows Walking Together Clipart © Dennis Cox #4544
  4. Male Genealogist Looking Through a Magnifying Glass at a Family Tree Clipart Picture © Dennis Cox #5995
  5. Elderly Seamstress Woman Sewing a Dress Clipart Picture © Dennis Cox #6149
  6. Cross Guard Man Stopping Traffic so Pedestrians Can Cross the Street Clipart © Dennis Cox #5118
  7. Friends and Family Going River Rafting Clipart © Dennis Cox #4454
  8. Happy, Smiley Cowgirl Riding a Toy Stick Horse Clipart © Dennis Cox #4395
  9. Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Farm Worker Carrying A Big Cow On His Back © Dennis Cox #218288
  10. Clipart of a White Man Plumber Hanging from a Pipe Maze - Royalty Free Vector Illustration © Dennis Cox #1230195
  11. Clipart Illustration of a Man Holding A Staff And Standing With His Sheep © Dennis Cox #19529
  12. Male Bowler Sliding with His Bowling Ball, Down the Lane, and Into the Pins Clipart © Dennis Cox #4142
  13. Man Putting On Pants Clipart © Dennis Cox #5017
  14. Royalty-Free Vector Clip Art Illustration of a Dog Attaching A Satellite To His House © Dennis Cox #1052997
  15. Biker Men and Woman Riding Motorcycles Together as a Group Clipart © Dennis Cox #4216
  16. Cow Cooking BBQ On an Outdoor Propane Grill Clipart © Dennis Cox #4529
  17. Divorced Dad Reading Newspaper Beside His Kids Clipart Picture © Dennis Cox #5910
  18. Clipart Illustration of a White Woman With Her Hair In Purple Curlers, Wearing A Pink Robe And Pjs, Putting Medicine Back In The Cabinet In Her Bathroom © Dennis Cox #18853
  19. Royalty-Free (RF) Clip Art Illustration of a Grumpy Old Woman Smoking A Cigarette Over Coffee © Dennis Cox #1050679
  20. White Power Clipart Illustration © Dennis Cox #5489
  21. Clipart Illustration of Five Fat Pink Pigs Kicking Their Legs Up While Dancing In A Chorus Line © Dennis Cox #26327
  22. Man Celebrating Oktoberfest with a Beer Stein and Hot Dogs Clipart © Dennis Cox #4958
  23. Clipart Illustration of a Man Pointing And Riding On A Red Wagon © Dennis Cox #37012
  24. Man Backing Up a Semi Truck with an Empty Flatbed Trailer Clipart Picture © Dennis Cox #5989
  25. Clipart Man Holding Onto A Flag Pole In High Winds - Royalty Free Vector Illustration © Dennis Cox #1078204
  26. Professional Male Chef Making Gravy Clipart © Dennis Cox #4413
  27. Clipart Rosie The Riveter Flexing Her Strong Muscles - Royalty Free Vector Illustration © Dennis Cox #1110853
  28. Male Programmer Trying to Hack Into Computer Clipart Picture © Dennis Cox #6183