Royalty-Free (RF) Health Care Practitioner Clipart Cartoons by djart

  1. Nervous Businessman Sitting In A Chair And Reaching Out To A Female Nurse While She Prepares A Syringe To Give Him A Flu Shot In The Arm At A Medical Clinic Clipart Illustration © djart #14590
  2. Nurse Preparing an Intravenous Drip for a Hospitalized Patient Clipart Picture © djart #6046
  3. Nurse Checking an Intravenous Drip's Pre-filled, Sterile Plastic Bag Clipart Picture © djart #6038
  4. Scared Worker with Trypanophobia Getting a Flu Shot from a Nurse Clipart Picture © djart #5991
  5. Patient Getting Shot In the Butt by a Nurse with a Syringe Clipart Illustration © djart #5515
  6. Male Patient Getting Some of His Limbs Amputated by Doctors at a Hospital Clipart © djart #5190
  7. Obese Patient Hooked Up to Medical Machines While Running On a Treadmill and Being Cared for by Doctors & Nurses Clipart © djart #5188
  8. Nurse Cleaning Needle After Drawing Blood Samples from Male Patient Clipart © djart #4968
  9. Nurse Weighing Overweight Man On a Scale Clipart © djart #4949
  10. Human-like Caretaker Elephant Pushing Injured Elephant in a Wheelchair Clipart © djart #4883
  11. Nurse and Doctor Caring for a Hospitalized Man Attached to an IV Fluid Drip Line Clipart © djart #4796
  12. Male Doctor Hand Gesturing a Heart Symbol Clipart © djart #4701
  13. House Call Doctor with a Medical Bag and Stethoscope Clipart © djart #4666
  14. Female Nurse Cow Holding a Syringe and a Bottle of Peroxide Clipart © djart #4521
  15. Male Doctor Reading Checklist On Clipboard and Holding a Pencil Clipart © djart #4490