Royalty-Free (RF) Male Faerie Clipart Cartoons by djart

  1. Happy Leprechaun Carrying a Pot of Gold on St Patricks Day Clipart © djart #10790
  2. Happy Leprechaun Playing a Four Leaf Clover Flute on St Paddy's Day Clipart © djart #10789
  3. Happy St Paddy's Day Leprechuan Carrying a Barrel of Clovers Clipart © djart #10788
  4. Leprechaun Standing Behind a Bolder with a Four Leaf Clover Leaf Clipart © djart #4785
  5. Leprechaun Catching a Rainbow in a Pot Clipart © djart #4781
  6. Leprechaun Moving a Stack of Gold Coins with a Wheelbarrow  Clipart © djart #4780
  7. Clipart Modern Stereotypical Depiction of a Leprechaun Holding Four Leaf Clovers © djart #4776
  8. Male Irish Leprechaun Making a Rainbow Clipart © djart #4769