Royalty-Free (RF) Obese Clipart Cartoons by djart

  1. Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Man Covering His Mouth In Shock After Weighing Himself On A Scale © djart #97357
  2. Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Hungry Orange Fish With A Knife And Fork © djart #93817
  3. Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Fat Yellow Birdy © djart #59798
  4. Clipart Illustration of a Pleasantly Plump Blond White Lady In A Red Bikini, Hat And Sandals, Seated In A Beach Chair And Enjoying Summer Weather © djart #19535
  5. Three Couples With One Skinny Partner And One Chubby Partner Per Couple, All Taking A Hike Together While Two Of Them Struggle Clipart Illustration © djart #16145
  6. Man Carrying Hiking Gear And Holding A Leash Which Is Attached To His Overweight Wife Clipart Illustration © djart #16141
  7. Skinny Woman Hiking With Her Husband That Is Out Of Shape, Kneeling And Taking A Drink From A Canteen Clipart Illustration © djart #16139
  8. Out Of Shape Chubby Woman In Pink Sweats Carrying A Backpack And Kneeling While Holding Onto Her Hiking Stick To Catch Her Breath While Hiking Clipart Illustration © djart #16134
  9. Skinny Man Carrying Hiking Gear And Using A Stick While Pointing Forwards, Trying To Motivate His Overweight Wife And To Get Her Into Better Health While Taking A Hike Clipart Illustration © djart #16131
  10. Chubby Cowboy Man Carrying Camping Gear On His Back, Holding Onto A Hiking Stick While Crouching To Drink From A Canteen Clipart Illustration © djart #16130
  11. Overweight Woman In Green Sweats, Wearing A Fanny Pack And Using Two Hiking Sticks While Being A Good Sport About Exercising Clipart Illustration © djart #16129
  12. Chubby Blond Woman In Pink, Holding A Yellow Daisy And A Watering Can Clipart Illustration © djart #16128
  13. Chubby Couple Eating Cheeseburgers Together Clipart Illustration © djart #13021
  14. Hungry Killer Goldfish With a Fork and Knife Clipart Graphic Illustration © djart #12951
  15. Chubby Woman Unlocking Her Door and Carrying a Bag of Oranges Clipart Illustration © djart #12943
  16. Chubby Balding Man Drinking Soda and Eating a Chocolate Donut Clipart Illustration © djart #12942
  17. Chubby Man Eating a Fast Food Cheeseburger Clipart Illustration © djart #12938
  18. Fat Blond Woman Eating a Cheeseburger and Drinking a Soda Pop Clipart Illustration © djart #12937
  19. Fat Woman in a Bikini on the Beach, Holding a Towel and Umbrella Cartoon Clipart © djart #12029
  20. Overweight Blond Secretary Woman Working at a Computer Desk in an Office Clipart Illustration © djart #11201
  21. Obese Man with a Medical Condition that Requires the use of a Catheter and Urine Bag Clipart Picture © djart #6309
  22. Chubby Boy Picking a Red Apple From an Apple Tree in an Orchard Clipart Picture © djart #6221
  23. Fat Devil on Skis Clipart Picture © djart #6163
  24. Fat Bald Man Mowing Lawn Clipart Picture © djart #6093
  25. Male Worker Writing On Notepad Clipart Picture © djart #6090
  26. Angry Businessman Pointing a Loaded Gun at Someone Clipart Picture © djart #6063
  27. Fat Man with a Beard Spraying Water from a Garden Hose Clipart Picture © djart #6053
  28. Happy Fat Man with Two Ice Cream Cones Clipart Picture © djart #6052
  29. Fat, Bald Biker Man Standing Beside His Motorcycle with an Empty Beer Bottle Clipart Illustration © djart #5602
  30. Obese Men and a Woman Drinking Wine at a Party Clipart Illustration © djart #5487
  31. Obese Elderly Woman Walking On a Cane with a Painful Back Clipart © djart #5266
  32. Big Fat Woman Taking a Hot Shower Clipart Illustration © djart #5206
  33. Obese Patient Hooked Up to Medical Machines While Running On a Treadmill and Being Cared for by Doctors & Nurses Clipart © djart #5188
  34. Humorous Fat Man Wearing a Speedo at the Beach and Drinking a Beer Clipart © djart #5108
  35. Fat Woman Looking In the Fridge for Something to Eat Clipart © djart #5037
  36. Humorous Obese Man Looking for Something to Eat in the Fridge Clipart © djart #5030
  37. Hungry Overweight Man Looking Through the Refrigerator for Food Clipart © djart #5029
  38. Flirty Obese Woman Sticking Her Tongue Out While Using a Walker Clipart © djart #4976
  39. Elderly Obese Woman Standing with a Cane Clipart © djart #4973
  40. Overweight Couch Potato Man Talking On a Phone Clipart © djart #4970
  41. Elderly Overweight Woman Paying with Cash Clipart © djart #4962
  42. Nurse Weighing Overweight Man On a Scale Clipart © djart #4949
  43. Caucasian and African American Office Employees Doing Their Daily Routine Clipart © djart #4942
  44. Obese Businessman On His Coffee & Donut Break Clipart © djart #4939
  45. Obese Elderly Woman Wearing an Emergency Life Preserver Float Tube Around Her Waist Clipart © djart #4938
  46. Elderly Obese Pilgrim Woman Cooking with a Metal Kitchen Pot Clipart © djart #4922
  47. Obese Woman Getting Out of a Swimming Pool with a Man Clipart © djart #4913
  48. Human-like Fat Female Pig Purchasing Food with Money Clipart © djart #4906
  49. Human-like Obese Elephant Jump Roping Clipart © djart #4887

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